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When Luka was just 15 days old

In our culture there is a saying you can foresee what the upcoming year will be like by the first houseguest on St. Luca’s day. This October 31st, the Panajotovic family welcomed a baby boy. His parents named him after this saint – Holy Apostle Luke.

Little Luka with his appearance to this world already brought the biggest happiness to his home. Also, if we take into consideration the Serbian saying, the year ahead of us most definitely will be wonderful one. We can personally confirm that, because we met this strong boy on the 15th day of his birth.


Luka is a quiet and good baby. With his posture and features already resembles a big boy. He is quite the little model, already! Photographing a newborn is an amazing experience, and with Luka the time flew. We spent four hours together without even noticing it. The truth is, Luka slept through most of that time, but that’s what a satisfied newborn does, isn’t it?

Even though he is a firstborn, his parents manage him perfectly. The easy-going mom and dad, the best little model and the creative team together made the cutest newborn photographs. We are very excited to share them with you.

Welcome dear Luka, we wish you to grow into a healthy and happy man!


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