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Inspiration is in you!

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

Meet the Team

Tijana Janković-Jevrić

Founder & Photographer

Tijana Janković-Jevrić

Tijana Jankovic-Jevric (1981) lives in Belgrade. She studied Cinematography and Media Production. Tijana is the founder of webzine as well as its Editor in chief. Like a photographer she creates as Miss Stills.

With her cinematographic and journalistic background, Miss Stills has got the talent and skills to document your moments in life in gorgeous photographs.

Vladimir Jevrić

Assistant Photographer

Vladimir Jevrić

Vladimir Jevric (1984) studied Electronic Science and Business Informatics. Passioned with photography and creativity, he uses his strong technical background and experience to make Miss Stills Photography shines at its best! Also, he often express himself through photography, using Fuji camera and vintage lenses.

Ana Božić

On set assistent

Ana Božić

Ana Bozic (1980) lives in Belgrade. She studied Japanese language and literature and master studies in Marketing Management. Ana is a mom, a fashionista and a creative assistant at Miss Stills.

While studying aesthetics of the Eastern culture and living in the USA, she has created an unique sense to recognize and to create a simple but impressive style.

Ana, with her ideas and suggestions, already in stage of preparation, helps you feel natural and inspired while being photographed.


Beauty - Beautilicious

Kids - Childhood memories saved and framed.

Family - Finally, altogether in the same picture!

Business - Smart and original.


Dance - I love to dance!

Editing - Cover girl quality retouch.

Travel - A photographer never travels light.

Street - Never ending inspiration.


Events - From corporate to art!