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Triple birthday party!

We are always happy to meet families with multiple offsprings, mostly because they are rare today. All of you who have got more siblings know how beautiful it feels to have your sister and brother and how strong they make you on the playground and later on in life as well. On the other hand, the rest of us who have had the pleasure to make friends with such as families, we know there is something magical in the number three. We admire the way three siblings play, we envy their unity and the fact they always have company. Parents say it is much easier to bring up children when there are three of them. The smallest one learns faster thanks to the bigger children.

This fantastic trio had a triple birthday party. The eldest Ana turns 8, Jovana 5 and the little one, Marko 1. It is so amazing and particular they share almost the same birthday date – they were born a few days apart, which means their zodiac is Gemini.  In spite of differences in interests and age, this cute and talented children get along very well and mutual love and joy are showed in this pictures. And there are kittens as well!

Ana je napunila 8 godina!
Ana is 8 yrs old.
Jovana je vesela i voli da pozira.
Jovana likes to strike a pose.
Jovana je napunila 5 godina!
Jovana is five.
Ana voli da slika i skače na trambolini.
Ana likes painting and trampoline.
Jovana, Marko i Ana i igra odraza u staklu.
Jovana, Marko and Ana in reflections.
Ana, Marko i Jovana u kućici.
Ana, Marko and Jovana by the little house.
Marko je napunio 1 godinu!
Marko is a one year old.

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