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“Take a picture! Quickly, quickly!”

The princess among fairies, with eyes as the Elizabeth Taylor, five year old Petra announced the arrival of a new diva in the future.

With the magic stick and purple wings she introduced us to her world of imagination and unfettered creativity. Magic tiara adorned her beautiful chestnut brown hair. With every shot we’ve discovered talent and comfort which Petra felt in front of the camera lens. Traveling the enchanted forests and endless kingdom happened right there, in Petra’s room.

We had so much fun and, we’ll admit, so much play that fairy Petra suddenly, on our surprise, shouted: “Take a picture! Quickly, quickly!”

Enthusiasm and cooperation like this, is something one photographer can only hope for! That’s why kids are our favorite models, who show all their beauty and imagination when they are in their well known environment. This is the reason why we always highly recommend kids photo shoot in family surroundings.  

We are very pleased that we have captured Petra’s magical moment with this unique photos of life and imagination of a five year old.


In the photo Petra holds the box with her first lock of hair. Photo is a wonderful way to capture a memory like this, too.


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