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Example of LIFESTYLE: A piano lesson

If we want to depict our natural and relaxed look, our most beautiful selves, the best choice is to invite a photographer to our home. This wonderful family did exactly that! They asked us to record their shared enjoyment by the piano.

A photo shoot should always be a magical moment in which we truly enjoy, even if we don’t like to pose. Children behave much better in front of the camera lens than we as adults do. For them it’s a play, an excitement and a pure joy.  They are not camera shy and they instantly fall in love with their pictures. 

The family which gave us hospitality enjoyed their photo shoot much. This can be seen in their beautiful lifestyle photographs. One specific moment they would like to share with you too is a piano lesson.


The Mom and her daughter played the music together very nicely, while the youngest family member, one year old boy was playing around their feet.


This warm, playful family moment was captured with a documentary style and looks perfect in black&white photography. As a courtesy of this family, who has been living in our country for some time, the beauty of this photo session is available for you to see too.

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