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Microfashion at the session

Iskra was one of those newborns whose gender you could recognize at the first glance. She is a girly girl. Those beautiful eyes, small nose and lips… a true lady was born! I’ve been photographing her since she was only 4 months old (excluding her mommy’s maternity photos). This beauty is 2 years old now, and already a fashionista. Iskra enjoys playing in her mom’s closet. That charming childhood game has been recorded in these pictures which can be of great help to all parents who contemplate on how to dress up a child for a photo shoot.

Iskra and her mom have chosen a little white short sleeved dress with a bow belt. The girl was sweetly proud when she put it on and walked in all dressed up. A light color gown makes every toddler glow. If you add an interesting hair pin to the look, you will have a junior top model. Iskra is a toddler who loves to get hairdo.

A white dress is the right outfit for the baby girls and the toddlers. If we add an accessorie we will have such a lovely retro or even a modern girly look.

Why the little girls are so irresistibly cute Iskra showed us by wearing mommy’s hats. Moments like this are to be shot in B&W technique.

Every girl has her favorite accessory from her mother’s box. Baby’s favorites are most commonly high heels, bracelets, hats… All these items make the best props for child photography. Most parents pick those by their intuition so it is not rare that a pic or two with these details end up in the family albums.  If you use props in a creative way, you will have a fantastic photo story.

Mommy’s hat makes a lovely prop. Iskra adores it and this perfect picture proves it.

If you wonder how to dress up a child for a professional photo session, for starters go together to your closet and pick clothes that suits you best. Just keep on your mind one advice – do not wear patterns, stick to solids. Less is more.

The look is completed by the pair of Dr Martens shoes. By doing so, we’ve got an urban styled baby-girl.

Always make sure to provide a child with something to nibble on, because it needs to refill its energy during the break. Even if they chew, still they are cute enough for the photos.

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