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Family time in The Botanical Garden

You can visit The Botanical Garden every day of the year, even during holidays. That is why it is ideal for quality family time. Children will enjoy it, and your photos will be phenomenal! Here is why we recommend this location for our photo-excursion.

Belgrade’s oasis of peace and freshness, guarded with high fence and hidden from the city life, covers an area of five hectares in Takovska Street 43.

The Garden is rich with the most diverse species of plants, and it is very popular for its Japanese garden. Wherever you turn, natural beauty surrounds you. With a help of professional photographer, every chosen spot will be like a movie set for your portraiture. Miss Still’s father and daughter photos can prove that. They were made in beautiful autumn colors. Even black&white photos look very effective.


It is interesting that The Botanical Garden Jevremovac, which is its full name, dates since 1874. Consists of 1500 different plant species!


Next to the grass areas, alley and Japanese garden, there is a greenhouse.

Don’t forget, during summer days temperature in it is ten degrees lower, comparing with the rest of the city. So, the big heat won’t bother us making gorgeous family and portrait photographs.

The Botanical Garden is proven to be a good location for photographing in all seasons and life stages, by recommendation of Miss Stills professional photographer.

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