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Tijana Jankovic-Jevric - Miss Stills Photography

Miss Stills in the media: Interview by Jernej Letica

“A word of mouth is the way I get in touch with new clients.  Although, attracting a client would be just one part of the equation. The real deal is to make a client come back to you again.” – Tijana Janković-Jevrić

intervju Tijana Janković-Jevrić (Miss Stills Photography)

[:en]U intervjuu za Wannabe[:sr]Miss Stills i u Wannabe magazinu[:]

[:en]Meet Miss Stills Photography & Huawei P9 smartphone in new interview![:sr]Saznajte više o Miss Stills Photography i o HuaweiP9 telefonu u intervjuu za Wannabe magazin.[:]