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Love in the pictures

The Valentine’s Day is of great significance to many of us. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that on February 14th numerous couples exchange their vows. Everybody, from those romantic to more practical souls, wants to be loved. Let’s celebrate the love together in the Valentine’s Day inspired photos!

Kids and Family photography depicts this unconditional love best. Miss Stills photography gives you a several answers to the eternal question – “What is love?”.

Love is… when mommy and daddy say “I do.”.


Love is… when they wait for ME to be born.


Love is… when I am in my mommy’s lap.


Love is… when I see my first reflection.


Love is… when daddy throws me to the sky.


Love is… when my parents kiss me.


Love is… me and my brother playing.


Love is… all about me growing up.


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