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Wednesday December 23rd, 2020

(Srpski) Draga poput dragulja – fotografija kozmetičkog proizvoda

(Srpski) Kada sam otvorila smaragdno-zlatni neseser, podesetila sam se šta to znači radovati se prazniku. Iskreno iznenađenje nastalo je...
COVID mask protection photo session - Miss Stills Photography / All rights reserved.
Thursday July 16th, 2020

(Srpski) Maska i stil: “Kako je ti nosiš”?

In time where wearing mask seems like necessity, few specific ways of wearing mask, seen around us, stood among...
Monday April 13th, 2020

Miss Stills in the media: Interview by Jernej Letica

"A word of mouth is the way I get in touch with new clients.  Although, attracting a client would...
Monday April 13th, 2020

(Srpski) Miss Stills u medijima: Intervju za pisca romana Ljiljanu Šarac

"Dvadeset prvi vek je u žižu interesovanja stavio fotografiju. Kažu – ono što nije uslikano kao da se nije...
Autor: Tijana Janković-Jevrić
Monday May 28th, 2018

(Srpski) MIFA 2018: Zlatom nagrađen fotograf iz Srbije

Crno-bela fotografija “Butterfly Effect”, autorke iz Srbije, izabrana je za najbolju fotografiju za 2018. godinu potkategoriji “Lepota” – Gold...
Slavica Hinić, PR Bitef Festivala, foto: Miss Stills Photography
Thursday September 21st, 2017

(Srpski) Dame, spremne za Bitef festival!

(Srpski) Prva dama Bitefa, PR menadžer Slavica Hinić, spremna je dočekala početak festivala, što je i zabeleženo divnim portertima,...
Friday June 23rd, 2017

A fresh view on Herceg Novi

Every artist needs a spare, creative time. Unfortunately, we do not have it much in our everyday lives and...
Saturday December 31st, 2016

Christmas with Miss Stills

Twinkle, sparkling lights, and whole Xmass spirit is the best time for a family photo session.
Sunday August 14th, 2016

Three years later….

Intimate wedding in a beautiful ambience of the restaurant Mala fabrika ukusa was  my first photographic encounter with this endlessly cute...
Wednesday August 10th, 2016

Romantic wedding on the block

(Srpski) Bez emocije nema umetnosti, a bez ljubavi nema sreće, pa ni dobre fotografije sa venčanja. U romantičnom slučaju...
Monday August 1st, 2016

Great photos with no stress

(Srpski) Mame nam se često i iskreno požale na to da njihovi mališani nemaju strpljenja za fotografisanje, iako oni...
intervju Tijana Janković-Jevrić (Miss Stills Photography)
Monday July 11th, 2016

U intervjuu za Wannabe

Meet Miss Stills Photography & Huawei P9 smartphone in new interview!
Sunday July 3rd, 2016

Motive baptism: Nina and Lana

Two blondes, siblings Nina and Lana will melt your hearts.
Saturday July 2nd, 2016

Triple birthday party!

Family portraits: two sisters and a brother had same day birthday party!
Tuesday June 28th, 2016

Little ballerinas

Children’s play Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was performed by the little ballerinas from “Zvončica” Ballet School at UK Palilula...
Sunday May 8th, 2016

Dolled up! Makeup and photography

Pro photography and makeup for magazine covers.
Sunday April 24th, 2016

This was a photo marathon!

Child photographer at acting school in Belgrade.
Thursday March 24th, 2016

A little brother has arrived!

Every little girl’s dream is that her mommy gives her a baby brother. That’s how little Anika dreamt of...
Friday March 11th, 2016

Microfashion at the session

Those beautiful eyes, small nose and lips... a true lady was born!Those beautiful eyes, small nose and lips... a...
Saturday February 13th, 2016

Love in the pictures

The Valentine’s Day is of great significance to many of us. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that on...
Sunday January 31st, 2016

Artsy mom life hack

Sorry, this entry is only available in Srpski.
Friday January 8th, 2016

A frame is a picture too

Even though the digital era has spoiled us, allowing us to take and store countless photos, we have not...
Wednesday January 6th, 2016

Miss Stills on the cover!

Miss Stills portrait photo of a nine-month old baby Bisera has been published on the cover of the December...
Wednesday January 6th, 2016

“Take a picture! Quickly, quickly!”

The princess among fairies, with eyes as the Elizabeth Taylor, five year old Petra announced the arrival of a...
Saturday November 28th, 2015

When Luka was just 15 days old

In our culture there is a saying you can foresee what the upcoming year will be like by the first houseguest on St....
Sunday November 22nd, 2015

Example of LIFESTYLE: A piano lesson

If we want to depict our natural and relaxed look, our most beautiful selves, the best choice is to invite a...
Sunday November 22nd, 2015

Family time in The Botanical Garden

You can visit The Botanical Garden every day of the year, even during holidays. That is why it is...